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Secondary Glazing

Traditional Leaded Lights

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Listed Cottage - Steel openers, leaded lights and Oak frames

In this project the listed property was subject to a great deal of scrutiny from the local conservation office and even local architects and historians. Very little of the old timber or original glass had survived and was usable. In fact the old glass surviving provided 10-15% at most of the new panels.

Tec Glass used restoration glass of varying grades to ensure the panels once finished provided the necessary rippling and imperfections to mimic the very old and traditional window effect. Fixed lights were putty glazed directly into the oak window frames, again a traditional method. The openers were new steel casements with original furniture, primed and coated with a hardened paint in our Thame workshop.

Stained Glass

Complete restoration of the large stained glass window at this truly prestigious restaurant in Godalming. Work involved on site repairs, full panel restoration (new stained glass) and extensive cleaning.

stained glass church window restoration project

Secondary Glazing

Our client’s primary need for Secondary glazing was to reduce heat loss (significant) and also road noise in this busy London suburb. We are using a new supplier and it looks an excellent product and result.

secondary glazing in period property

Leaded Window Restoration

This extensive restoration project involved many diamond leaded lights and a mixture of fixed and opening metal casements. All were removed, temporary glazed, refurbished and re-installed back to their original state.

Crittall window and leaded light restoration project - Grade II listed Fire damaged window with traditiional leaded lights

Crittall Restoration

Tec Glass was commissioned to repair and restore opening and fixed crittall casements, as well as provide new locks and security into a prestigious address in Harley Street. Cost savings over the project were substantial compared with a new crittall window solution.

crittall window and leaded light restoration in curved bays Oak window with steel casement and traditional leaded lights - using restoration glass Timber subframe windows with steel casements and leaded lights

Grade II Steel Casements

Supply and fit of brand new timber framed windows, steel casements with traditional hand forged furniture (carefully selected) and new leaded lights. All installed in a renovated wing of the listed property, dating back to the 1700’s.

Traditional (heritage) Window Restoration

This project involved four fire damaged frame from a listed building. Tec Glass brief was to restore everything we could and replicate everything else, including new timber frames and sprung steel window catches.

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