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Metal and Crittall window restoration

In most cases regardless of the visual poor state we can restore metal or crittall frame windows back to near new condition. Our service optionally includes removal, temporary glazing and re-installation so there is minimal disruption and peace of mind assured. Our generic restoration process is detailed below, however most work will involve a variation on that and we can usually be flexible in most aspects of any project.

Crittall & Metal window Restoration Process - Generic

It is not surprising that most people have heard of crittall windows with over 50 million of these rolled steel windows being produced. Whilst there have been advances along the way the majority of steel windows are quite basic single glazed systems that do require maintenance and can be extremely inefficient with regard to heat loss. Metal or steel windows produced around 1950 and afterwards are likely to be galvanized which did at least tackle the rust problems. However there is no doubt that they are an important architectural feature in many properties, and due to their inherent strength they can and usually do last for a very long time. Tec Glass can restore crittall windows back to near new condition, a service which is often preferable to new replacement windows.

Crittall window background and history

-  Remove window from existing aperture and temporary glaze or board (optional).

-  Separate glazing from window frame and remove furniture as necessary.

- Clean the window frames using either traditional sanding methods or shot/sand    blasting.

-  Repair and correct any major defects such as holes, broken sections or distortions.

-  Restore the glazing or upgrade according to customer requirements.

-  Apply a rust resistant primer to the bare metal frame for corrosion protection.

-  Apply a hardened top coat [of paint] to the frame, usually powder coat but optionally    wet spray or even hand painted.

- Clean and check all window furniture and re-attach. If agreed replace any broken or    missing elements, either from our stock or new hand forged replicas.

-  Fix restored glazing to the newly refurbished metal frame.

-  Remove temporary glazing, install refurbished metal casements and fixed glazing.

Crittall windows with sealed units installed
Crittall window section restored by Tec Glass
Crittall window section badly corroded
Crittall window restored by Tec Glass

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